What is an exoskeleton?

Imagine Iron Man®. Now remove the plates...
That's what we build for our customers.

The exoskeleton is an wearable electromechanical device which has multitude of use cases.
Axosuits's first model is a medical exoskeleton built to help people with walking disabilites.


  • Increased quality of life
  • Reduction or elimination of wheelchair associated secondary diseases
  • Reduction of healthcare costs
  • Social reintegration
  • Shorter recovery cycle

Who can use it1

  • Patients in recovery
  • Most types of paraplegics
  • War veterans with lower limb amputation
  • Senior citizens with muscle atrophy
  • Stroke patients
  • Social media integration
1. - full medical checkup required prior usage


  • Up to 6 hours of battery life2
  • Adjustable for patients between 150cm(5'1")-210cm(6'10")
  • User weight up to 125kg(275lbs)
  • Adjustable recovery settings
  • More features coming shortly
2. - Depending on battery size and user interaction

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